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Free Classifieds Sri Lanka

1. What is

Free Classifieds Sri Lanka is a Sri Lankan Classifieds web site. We specially offer this site for housing, construction, interior, exterior, furniture, household items and all the required services for a complete home, office and all the constructions…

Simply It’s All You Need to Get Made Your Dream World a Reality! 

2. How it works?

It’s simple!

1. There are millions of people searching for their construction needs.
2. Thousands of service providers looking to offer their products and services.

Hadamu is a place to meet them together.

There are three main benefits people can get with

  • Service providers can sell their Products and Services!
  • People can post what they want and how they want!
  • Skilled Workers can search in wanted ads for any required services!

3. Who can post?

Everyone! Given the facts that the ads are relevant to the selected categories.

4. How to Post an ad?

  • Create your account by registering online.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Post your adds for free.
Free Classifieds Sri Lanka

5. How to post a top listed ad?

To post a featured ad, you must purchase one featured ad OR a package holding featured ads.

6. How to purchase ads?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to Pricing Plans.
  • Select a plane that’s suitable for you.
  • Provide your details and place the order.
  • Pay the amount and verify us your payments.
Free Classifieds Sri Lanka

7. How to pay?

  • All the banking details will be provided while placing the order.
  • Our banking details will be sent to your email account once an order is placed.
  • Once your order is placed, it will show you the order number. (Or you can go to My account -> Packages to find the order number)
  • Pay your amount to our bank account.
  • Confirm us your payment with your order number. (Write down the order number on your bank slip, take a clear photo and send us via, email, whatsap, viber AND messanger. (0711-638241)
  • You can publish ads once the payment is confirmed.
Free Classifieds Sri Lanka

8. Images are not uploading?

Try reducing the size of the image. (We support up to 10MB)

9. How long would it take to confirm orders?

Generally it takes 2-4 hours for the reviewing process. You will be informed via an email once done.

10. My add is rejected. Why?

  • The following ads will be rejected.
  • Illegal Ads
  • Illegal Materials
  • Copyright Violations
  • Adds with Community and Ethical Issues

Please contact for any of your inquiries.

Free Classifieds Sri Lanka